When you travel and compete, its only a matter of time before your horse acquires a respiratory infection. Bleeders, Allergies, COPD, Heaves all play havoc with your performance.

Give your horse the winning advantage of an easy to use respiratory treatment and immediate relief from respiratory problems.
Equi-Resp with Equi-Silver has proven over and over that we offer the ability to help with all the above issues with a 100% natural product. We have so many testimonials that after using our system, horses that have bled through Lasix are now 100% off it and no longer bleeding. Testimonials as to how our system have helped allergies and all other types of respiratory issues to provide these treatments at home or on the road, for a fraction of the cost of costly drug treatments.


EquiSilver is a patented Chelated Silver Solution which destroys the majority of microorganisms — including many of the antibiotic resistant super pathogens.

EquiSilver’s Silver Solution is a safe, non-toxic, natural solution with chelated silver that affects the microorganism’s DNA killing it quickly and safely. EquiSilver does not have this effect on animal cells.

Microorganisms do not develop resistance, as happens with antibiotics.  This eliminates  the problem of reduced effectiveness of EquiSilver Respiratory Solution with multiple treatments over time. Our Chelated silver solutions have not been demonstrated to interact or interfere with other medicines being administered.

EquiSilver Solution has been reported by veterinarians and horse professionals to be highly effective as both a remedy and a prevention for numerous infections due to various bacteria, viruses and fungi.*

EquiSilver™ Chelated Silver Respiratory Solution can be used for direct application to the upper airway as a spray or with Equi-Resp Nebulizer.

The EquiSilver line of products also includes wound preparations and therapeutic shampoo for both horses and small animals. Like the respiratory solution other products have the same antimicrobial and healing qualities for skin injuries and infections.

EquiSilver’s patented chelated silver contains no ingredients to be known to violate current regulations of the Jockey Club or other performance governing organizations.  EquiSilver  Respiratory solution is currently in use at many veterinarians, equine clinics, racetracks and farms across the US.

You can be assured of the quality of EquiSilver™ ! EquiSilver™ is manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory.  A Certificate of Analysis in done for each batch. EquiSilver is bottled in an FDA approved bottling plant and each batch has a lot has a lot number assigned to it. We are capable of following it cradle to grave to ensure quality and efficacy. Rest assured, you are using a product that follows the same FDA protocols and procedures  required of human products even though it is not required.




Testing completed by Dr. Nathan Slovis, DVM, DACVIM, CHT of the world famous Hagyards Equine Medical Institute of Lexington, KY.

Nuclear Scintigraphy is a process where a radiopharmaceutical is inhaled and the radiation emitted by the horse is captured by external detectors (gamma camera) to create the image. When you access the image from the scan, you want to see the distribution and amount of the uptake gives you an idea of how that specific organ (lungs) is functioning.  In this case it demonstrates that Equi-Resp ELITE can deliver EquiSilver into the lower respiratory system.