Long Sleeved Shirt - cotton/polyester

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The long sleeved T-shirt is ideally suitable for pain in your shoulder, neck, spine, arms and elbows.

In regard to back pain however, the very same reservations, advice and alternative products mentioned in relation to the short sleeved T-shirt also apply to the long sleeved version of this garment.

The fabric of the long sleeved T-shirt is ribbed by design, allowing it to easily stretch and remain non-constrictive and comfortable to wear.

It is recommended not to use rinsing agents on the garment; as such additives can cause the fabric to stiffen. There is no threat to the actual ceramic particles however, as they are melted into the threads and cannot be removed by normal washing.

The sizes of the long sleeved T-shirts unisex.

Also keeps you warm in the winter.

Color - Black