Neck Cover w/Dickey Bib

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Great for neck injuries and Whiplash problems!

We designed these neck covers, in co-operation with the Swedish Patient Rehabilitation Organization, for sufferers of whiplash injury.

The turtleneck neck cover also incorporates a dicky bib on both the front and back. The rear bib is designed to cover the big Trapezius muscle (in the back), which can actually contribute a lot to a person’s neck pain. Once this muscle relaxes, you will surely notice a great deal of relief.

For best results, it is recommended to wear the neck cover in contact with your skin. If the pain also involves your shoulders, the T-shirt or sweater are certainly the products of choice, as they fully envelop the site. In fact, the neck cover and either the T-shirt or sweater fit nicely together, and can actually complement each other.

Measure the circumference of the neck.

Colors - Black and White

Sizes: XS - 13" (33 cm), S - 14" (35 cm), M - 15" (39 cm), L - 17"(43 cm), XL - 18" (45 cm).